Northern Vs. Southern Fashion: How Stylish Southerners Dress

Preppy Southern Style

While some fashion trends are nationwide, here in the South, we do things a little differently.

You may have noticed that people in our part of the country dress differently than Northerners or West Coasters. Southerners don't have to deal with the harsh weather conditions that come with a cold, icy winter, so you won't find many heavy winter coats down here. We also have a different style sensibility than someone from Seattle or Los Angeles.

In New Orleans and across the South, our taste in fashion is informed by our climate, history and culture.

How Stylish Southerners Dress

When Southern Living magazine profiled 75 of the most stylish Southerners, they proved that people from the South have a distinctive viewpoint on fashion.

Southern style as a whole typically features a clean and classic look that is also lightweight and easy to wear in warmer weather. Elements of Southern fashion like seersucker highlight the South's rich history, while also providing ways to stand out and show your personality. Our casual wear reflects our culture and interests, like college football and crawfish boils.

The South is characteristic of certain clothing items, which include:

"Southern" Prep

We have our own take on preppy style, and have adapted it into many iconic looks that people love. While plenty of Southern men and women love classic prep pieces like polos, we've found ways to incorporate Southern favorites like crawfish into our style.

We love to pair our polos with chinos or khaki shorts, but when it comes to belts you might see us add a playful Southern twist like a hot sauce belt instead of something plain.

As for what to pair with our favorite topsiders? Well, in the summer it's too warm for socks, but as the weather cools down we love to show off our Southern pride with alligator socks.


Seersucker is an iconic Southern fabric. This lightweight cotton fabric is used for everything from men's suits and women's dresses to shorts and button down shirts.

Seersucker features a dimpled effect and pale, thin vertical stripes of white and another color (typically a pastel blue or tan). It allows Southerners to stay cool in the Southern heat and humidity.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are popular throughout the Southeast region. In the South, you will find men wearing bow ties with suits to attend events and go to work, even in elite professions like banking and law.

A true Southern gentleman wears only handmade, high-quality bow ties, often with unique patterns, such as stripes, fleur de lis or even snowballs.

Game Day Wear

Here in the South, we love our football, whether it's the local NFL team like the New Orleans Saints or favorite college teams like LSU or Tulane. People go all out to show their team pride on game day.

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