How to Throw the Best Mardi Gras Party

What to wear for a Mardi Gras party

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is all about fun, good food, and great friends. Planning to throw a Mardi Gras party this year? Whether you’re partying along the parade route, or you know what it means to miss New Orleans and you’re hosting your party somewhere far away from the Crescent City, consider the following suggestions to make your celebration one to remember.

Carnival Decorations

The official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold. This tradition dates back to 1892 when Rex, the king of Carnival, picked out these colors based on what they represented. Purple stands for justice, green is for faith, and gold denotes power.

You’ll want to incorporate these colors throughout your Mardi Gras party decor. Of course, Mardi Gras beads are a must this time of year, but balloons, confetti, and streamers are always welcome additions.

Masking is a time-honored Mardi Gras tradition which can trace its roots back to the European Carnival celebrations. Masks are not only a fun party favor and a great way to liven the mood, but Mardi Gras masks can also serve as an excellent decorating aid. Hang them on the wall, lay them on tables, or even use them in centerpieces to make your space as festive as possible.

Festive Mardi Gras Clothing

As with the decorations, clothing worn on Mardi Gras should be festive and brightly colored. Encourage your guests to dress up for the party, and consider offering beads or masks when your guests arrive.

If you want to rock your purple, green, and gold in style, check out the Perlis Mardi Gras Collection. With styles ranging from over-the-top argyle pants to our traditional Mardi Gras rugby shirts, we’ve got Mardi Gras attire for women, men, and kids.

What Food Should You Serve At A Mardi Gras Party?

Mardi Gras is all about eating well. In fact, this holiday’s name is translated to "Fat Tuesday" in French because of the rich foods commonly consumed on this day. Fat Tuesday is historically a final day of feasting before the Lenten fast until Easter.

When planning your Mardi Gras menu, you can include virtually any type of cuisine. However, if you want the party to feel more authentic and connected to New Orleans, consider incorporating some local favorites. Cajun and Creole dishes like gumbo, jambalaya and shrimp etouffee are always crowd-pleasers. Mardi Gras takes place during crawfish season, so if possible, your Mardi Gras party is the perfect occasion for a crawfish boil.

For true parade route style, pick up some Popeye’s fried chicken for your party, and whatever you serve, don't forget to include a king cake. It wouldn’t be a Mardi Gras party without one.

Mardi Gras Music

Playing music at your Mardi Gras party keeps the atmosphere light and makes it easier for your guests to unwind and enjoy themselves. Depending on the general age and party style of your guests, you could go for traditional New Orleans jazz, modern party jams, or a mix of both.

We love this Mardi Gras Mayhem playlist on Spotify, which blends songs by some favorite modern and classic New Orleans music artists including Louis Armstrong, Ernie K-Doe, Dr. John, Trombone Shorty, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino, Allen Toussaint, Rebirth Brass Band, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, and many more.

Mardi Gras Party Activities

The activities you should plan for your party depend on the type of guests you are expecting. For example, if your party is adult-only, raunchy drinking games like Cards Against Humanity and other over-21 activities are common. However, if you will be inviting families with children, you can keep the party kid-friendly by allowing children to decorate their own masks or hosting a costume contest.

Regardless of the menu, activities, or decorations, the most important part of any Mardi Gras party is to ensure that everyone has a good time - including the host. Do as much as you can ahead of time to make the party special, but don't take on so many jobs that you miss out on the fun.

Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion, and get your Mardi Gras clothing!

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