Ladies Highlighter Rrio by Savage Jenny

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Highlighter Trio

Gold Unicorn: This will become your miracle, go-to daily magic generator…because if you don’t use highlighters already, you’re in for some major joy. If you do…you know.

The pale & luminous gold in this set rubs down to a softly shimmering natural glow when applied to your cheekbones and inner eye, and you won’t want to be without it once you try this model’s trick. It opens the eye and heightens the cheekbones, and that effect looks good on EVERYONE. For daytime, professional situations, or when you don’t want to shimmer (we reluctantly acknowledge that such occasions DO exist) the matte bone-colored pigment provides the same effect, creating luminosity without shine.

And then the most fabulous glitter pony of all…ohh the gold. It’s eco-glitter at its finest, pure mica with no plastics so you can wear this glitter in the ocean! without killing the sea turtles!

Fhew…now you can be fabulous without participating in the toxic byproducts littering the world, which isn’t pretty at all. Now that you know….layer this natural glitter over your glowing gold highlighter to amp up your glam, or flick your makeup brush over your hair to keep everyone guessing…did she just sparkle with outrageous subtlety or was that me? The answer, of course, is YES…you Unicorn. Perfect for pale to mid range olive skin tones.

Bronze Unicorn: Warm yourself with this Bronze Unicorn set…the palest color is amazing on your inner eye if your skin tone is warm to mid-range, while the bronzed rose shade is gorgeous in your eye crease. The coppery chocolatey shade is like playing with the earth, if the earth were glowing.

But the real thrill comes when you mix these shimmering shades together…the three rub down to a warm and glowing rose gold, optimistic and hot and summer-to-fall…with more golden overtones than the Ebony Unicorn set.

perfect for warm, glowing, complexions in mid-range skin tones as a highlighter, and pale skin as eyeshadow pigment

Ebony Unicorn: Ohh the deepest most glowing Unicorn of all, meet the Ebony palette!

Each of these colors on their own are jewels…the deep deep red is SO saturated and metallic - lay it directly on the skin with a primer for deep rubies and garnets, and if you rub it turns into copper. The fiery warm golden shade is amazing as an eyeliner or pressed into the outer corner of the eye. The palest color is perfect on the inner eye and brow bone for deeper skin tones, or a warm rose glow eyeshadow for paler skin.

But the best part of this glowing, luminous deep unicorn set is what happens when you mix the shades together - they rub down to the most gorgeous deep rose gold…it will warm you & thrill you and make you feel queenly, as indeed you should.

perfect for deep skin tones as a highlighter, and for pale skins as dramatic eye shadow pigment