Ladies Blush by Savage Jenny (FINAL SALE)

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Ingredients:  Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, silica, allure

EU-approved color and luxurious natural ingredients

Blooming Peach: This ripe, juicy peachy-keen coral shade will transform your complexion into your inner farmgirl – cheerful, glowing, and shining with health.  Add eye makeup and a shimmery gloss and the look becomes instantly sophisticated.  Pair this cheeky color with Temptress, Lioness, and Bewitch for a vibrant peach-hued glow.

Blushing Violet: Feminine, flirty, and playful, this shade is poised on the shimmer-line between pink and violet. Utterly delicious when paired with a violet-undertoned lipgloss like Flirt or Femme, your look amps up to outrageous when Blushing Violet meets an intense lip. This blush is gorgeous on medium skin tones.

Bronze Velvet: Sophisticated and subtle, this warm bronzer enhances your facial bones – and can create shadows that aren’t there. Use with a slanted fluffy brush in the hollows of your cheeks and sweep under your chin to define & sharpen your jawline. Bronze Velvet is part of the Savage Jenny Core Trinity with Paris Pink & Radiance Shimmer, and it plays well with any of our lipglosses.

Paris Pink: The color your cheeks always wanted to be if only they knew how to say it, this shade was the first Savage Jenny cheek color…a pink this beautiful simply had to be true.  Dusky rose meets saucy pink shimmer in a glorious blush that wants nothing more than to make you pretty.  Suitable for all skin tones, Paris Pink is lovely and subtle with a light daytime application to the “apples” of your cheeks; just add a little more color to ramp up the vamp for evening.

Ready, Set, Glow: This setting powder will become your new best friend if you’ve ever lived through a southern summer…or just wanted to remove a wee bit of shine? It’s kind of amazing how this powder will set your makeup all day, even in the heat. We at Savage Jenny quite like the dewy look, but sometimes you just need to matte some of that out! Ready, Set, Glow! is a perfect complement to our BB cream: start with the BB, brush on RSG, and layer on your other pigments.