El Campo Tan Leather Polo Belt by La Matera

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El Campo Belt
Our El Campo is made with premium, Argentine vegetable tanned leather with faux Carpincho leather (made with genuine Argentine leather as Carpincho is not legal in the States) sewn atop of it for the ultimate rugged, sophisticated look. This hardy polo belt is handcrafted in Argentina and takes hours of artisan work to hand-embroider each belt so you can turn heads for years to come. You may not be a 10 goal polo player...but now you have the belt.

* 1.25 inches (34mm) wide
* Handcrafted in Argentina
* Hand-embroidered
* World class Argentine leather 
* Solid brass buckle
* Brushed cotton drawstring belt case

Embroidery colors: light khaki
Leather color: tan with small dimples