Perlis Shipping Policy

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Please have your measurements taken ONLY by a professional tailor, men's clothing store or a formalwear specialist. Most stores will perform this service for a nominal fee. Please complete ALL the information provided as accurately as possible. Perlis cannot be held responsible for measurements not performed in our store.

How to Rent

Few other cities in the world provide as many opportunities for a man to look his best in a tuxedo as New Orleans does. Naturally, Perlis has applied the same famous attention to detail and capacity for service found on the sales floor to its rental department. We have provided men and boys with formalwear for over fifty years for almost every type of occasion. Whether you need white tie and tails for a Mardi Gras ball, tuxedos for your wedding, or just a white dinner jacket for a special summer night, we can meet your needs.

Unlike many rental agencies that ship in their tuxedos from off-site, all of our formalwear is located in our Magazine Street store. Exact measurements are taken, and the necessary alterations are made by our tailoring shop, giving you the best fit possible at a reasonable price. Our formalwear manager can also advise you which of our many styles will be the most appropriate for your needs. We also record the measurements of every man who rents a tuxedo. Once you’ve rented from us, you can feel free to just call or e-mail us, and we can outfit you the same way as before.

Thousands of couples have chosen Perlis over the years to supply traditional tuxedos for their weddings. Registering your wedding with us is as simple as choosing your style and providing us with a list of each person in your party. We can fit people in our store or use measurements from any other specialty store in the country for out-of-town members. We know that weddings are a special yet stressful time, so we go out of our way to make weddings a priority and strive to make it as easy as possible for the groom and his men. Whether there are just two or twenty people standing in your wedding, we can accommodate you.

Please contact our Formalwear department at (504) 895-8661 or toll-free at (800) 725-6070 to speak with a representative or you can email .

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